Saturday, February 20, 2021

Snowball BOBO's Diary (two)


Snowball BOBO's Diary (two)  


          My Mommy wrapped me in a prepared children’s blanket, and while bidding farewell to my native family, she stroked my little head.
  Under her touch, I don't know why I fell asleep almost instantly in my Mommy’s arms.

          In my dream, I heard my Mommy open the door of the living room, and then an incomparably of gentle fresh air suddenly puffed on my face. My sleepiness disappeared. I quickly got out my little head from the blanket, and I saw the big tree branches whispering with the breeze blowing, like  they are saying hello to me, and the clouds in the sky seemed to dance begging me to play with them ..

          This is the first time I have seen such a magical world.

           I got up from my Mommy’s arms excitedly. My Mommy bowed her head and kissed my forehead. I like my mommy’s gentle cheeks, they make me feel warm and safe.

          Mommy said, "Baby, your name is Bobo, do you like that?"

          Mommy said that I seemed to understand her, and kissed her hand quickly to show that I like this distinctive name.

          I don’t know how long we traveled on the short journey, I was very excited when suddenly I heard my mommy say, "Hi, baby Bobo, we are home!"

          My Mommy gently let me go onto the floor, and I slowly stretched my waist like I was practicing Yoga. My Mommy said that she is still wondering why I don't have the nervousness and anxiety of an ordinary puppy, especially on my first visit to new environments.

            I haven’t fully recovered from what’s going on. I saw a guy with a round head and round face coming towards me. He seemed to be much taller than me, then he leaped at my Mommy happily and completely ignored I exist.  

I'm not afraid of you, guy
        Wow, I don't like this way of meeting for the first time, and he tried to take my Mommy away too ...

          I slowly and quietly walked to the guy with the round faces’ side,

he didn't even realize my approach. I used the visiting method that I had just learned to smell his situation, but the feedback from my nose seemed vague.   .

          Maybe I violated that guy’s personal space, and made him aware of my existence. He actually walked towards me.

          Wow... Wow, I was a little scared at first, I walked away slowly hugging the wall, but the guy still didn't let me go, and continued to follow me.  I started to stop...and looked back at him, then he looked at me directly. From his eyes, I seemed to feel that he was not as scary as I thought.  So I just sat in the corner against the wall and did nothing, just staring at him, but the situation was completely beyond my imagination. He actually bent his head in my direction and approached my back. I obviously knew that I should do something, otherwise I have nowhere to escape. When he slowly lowered his head to visit me, I quickly showed my front paws like a cat and roared at the same time... WOW! I saw that guy step backwards again and again, so I took the opportunity to escape that dangerous corner, then I quickly bounced like a rabbit, and threw myself at a small playful rug one meter away from me.  In my warm and safe baby bed, I saw my Mommy squat down next to me and stroke my little head, as if to say "You are really a brave little guy" and then gently picked me up.

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